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Soft Micro-Fiber Towel - Pink
Soft Micro-Fiber Towel - Pink

Soft Micro-Fiber Towel - Pink


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Introducing the softest towel your hair has ever met. The Brush with The Best Microfiber Towel material is soft and extremely gentle and absorbent—which keep your hair soft and feeling moisturized and not dry or brittle.  Say goodbye to frizz and static.

The micro fiber towel decreases drying time by 50%, and the little button in the back ensures your towel stays securely into place, once the turban is twisted to the back and buttoned. It’s as easy as wrap, twist, and tuck. 

This highly absorbent towel is made from luxurious, super-soft microfiber, to quickly absorb moisture, speed up drying time and help to reduce static and breakage. Regular towels have rough fibers which can enhance friction, this super fine microfiber combats pesky frizz and fly-always. With speedy hair drying, you can save on blow drying time reducing the risk of heat damage.

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