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Flaxseed Bonnet for Deep Conditioning - Turquoise
Flaxseed Bonnet for Deep Conditioning - Turquoise

Flaxseed Bonnet for Deep Conditioning - Turquoise


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The Flaxseed Conditioning Bonnet is a uniquely designed cordless, microwaveable cap that provides ~20-30 minutes of even, gentle heat. Perfect during your deep conditioning, oil treatments or D.I.Y. conditioning sessions.

Applying heat during these treatments allows your hair follicles to better and more effectively absorb the moisture and nutrients. The effect being healthier, stronger hair. 

  1. Functionality: Inside each cap contains flaxseeds that have the ability to hold and retain heat much more effectively for a more penetrating deep conditioning treatment.  
  2. Convenience: Our cordless, lightweight design is perfect to be used while doing your everyday chores or lounging around the house. No need to be stuck in one place under a dryer. Get moving with this portable option.

  3.  Comfort: Made with soft microfiber cotton, cotton, and nylon you can rest assured this cap is gentle to the head, the scalp, and edges. No bulky hard design.

How to use: 

Simply put your flaxseed bonnet in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Put your favorite conditioner on and the plastic bag that came with your flaxseed bonnet and apply your flaxseed heated bonnet from the microwave for 15-20min.  Feel free to reheat if necessary.

Works great for:

Natural Hair, Long Hair, Thick Hair, Curly Hair, Dry Hair

The Most COMFORTABLE and EFFECTIVE Conditioning Heat Cap you will use!

The flaxseed deep conditioning cap is perfect for those looking for a convenient, comfortable, effective way to maintain the health and look of their hair. Also promotes hair health and growth. by aiding in sealing in moisture while using your favorite deep conditioner.

Made with:
  • Soft Microfiber Cotton for comfort and wearability
  • Flaxseed for consistent, gentle heat retention over time
  • Uniquely stitched design to radiate heat to the entire head
  • Elastic perimeter to fit over most head sizes and hair
  • The highest quality of material for durability
  • Reversible for versatility
  • Fully cordless for portability and convenience

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