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Brush With The Best Curl Calendar - Type 3 & 4
Brush With The Best Curl Calendar - Type 3 & 4
For Type 3 & Type 4 Curl Calendar
Type 3 Curl Calendar
Type 4 Curl Calendar

Brush With The Best Curl Calendar - Type 3 & 4

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Keep Track of your Healthy Hair Routine with Felicia Leatherwood’s Curl Calendar and grow your hair!

You can mark off the days you have performed your routine and understand how to keep your hair on a schedule that will make things easier for you to give your hair the care it needs.

This calendar can stick to your bathroom mirror or any hard surface and if you make a mistake while writing on it, no problem just wipe it off.  It's also waterproof.  There is a calendar for your specific texture (either Texture 3 or Texture 4) to help you grow, moisturize and condition your hair. 

You will also find Curl Codes at the bottom of the calendar to help you understand the terminology of products and regimens.

The calendar will come with a Dry Eraser Marker and the Curl Calendar was created to help you develop a healthy hair routine and a good regimen.

Watch The Video Below To See The Calendar In Action!


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