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Do You Really Need to Brush Your Hair?

Do You Really Need to Brush Your Hair?

Felicia Leatherwood @

Should You Brush Curly Hair?

The answer here is yes, but with caveats. "One of the biggest misconceptions about brushing is that your curls will get messed up, become frizzy, unruly, undefined, and that it will cause breakage," says Vernon François, celebrity stylist, educator, and founder of Vernon François Haircare... In terms of tools, look for wide-toothed combs which help to detangle curly hair or a paddle brush without bobbles on the end as these tend to snag on knots and rip instead of detangling. Also, seek out brushes that have a lot of space between bristles so that tension spreads evenly through the hair and will help avoid breakage. François's favorites include Felicia Leatherwood's Detangler Brush (Buy It, $18,


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